As Sweet As Can Be: A Vegan Candy Cookbook

Here is a very cute candy-making cookbook overwhelmed with fun illustrations, looking like a comic book. Author Annie Taylor created an unusual cookbook (presumably her own artistic creation) featuring her favorites: candy making. Since she is also a vegan avoiding all animal products (including only using a vegan pastry brush) thus A Vegan Candy Cookbook is for the rather limited cooks who like to make their own candies and are vegan.

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What the Health: The Startling Truth Behind the Foods We Eat, Plus 50 Plant-Rich Recipes to Get You Feeling Your Best

If you read What the Health, you are not going to eat again. Our foods are filled with carcinogens, toxins, poisonous material and some even with radioactive traces. You will either starve to death or start a vegan diet, a slightly better alternative. K. Andersen and K. Kuhn, author of this large volume, have nothing but criticism on all of our non-plant origin food sources. The book is pure text of almost two-hundred pages except for recipe illustrations.

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Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers: All-New Easy Everyday Recipes

Here is a no-nonsense cookbook with no fluff, no padding, nothing but a collection of good recipes. There is a brief introduction and measuring tips but otherwise no pantry items, no equipment needed, nothing but recipes—and they are very good. Not even the name of the author’s given, a mistake, and it is in a spiral ring binder, another mistake, as this cookbook, Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers, will be frequently used and pages will likely come loose. The chapters are according to the courses of the meal and, wisely, recipes are listed in front of every chapter for your ease in selection.

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Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One

Man! This is a good cookbook! It was written for singles who are unwilling to live on processed, prepared foods or whatever the slow cooker can produce. Yet if you are not single and not a cook, Anita Lo’s writing is so good, so entertaining and full of good humor that you might as well skip the recipes and read the text that comes as headnotes with every recipe in Solo It is about her adventures as a person, as a trained chef.

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