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Here are our latest and greatest, and our classics. Healthy meals for your family, great meals for entertaining, and some good tasting desserts. Cook them individually or look for our suggested meals with every course planned.

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Chunky Bacon Potato Soup

Chunky Bacon Potato Soup - - thick-cut bacon, diced , red onion, diced, celery stalks, diced , carrots, diced , chicken broth, preferably organic, divided, boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed and cut into chunks , fresh...

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Braised Beef Burgundy Stew

Braised Beef Burgundy Stew - - slices thick-cut bacon, diced , beef chuck, cut into 1-inch pieces, Sea salt and black pepper, to taste , red onion, chopped, frozen pearl onions , carrots, sliced diagonally , garlic cloves, minced,...

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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup - - extra virgin olive oil , red onion, diced , green bell pepper, diced , red bell pepper, diced , Sea salt and black pepper, to taste, crushed red pepper flakes , ground cumin , chili powder ,...

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Byron : The Diner Cookbook

If you like good hamburgers, this cookbook is a must for your collection. Byron was written by two professional chefs, Tom Byng and Fred Smith, who successfully downsized their restaurant recipes to home-kitchen level. Byron is the name of a chain of sixty small, high-end hamburger restaurants in London. Thankfully for us American cooks, they converted the metric units to our system for our convenience. This cookbook is beautiful, with awesome photographs throughout illustrating mouthwatering photos of the twenty hamburgers whose recipes they present, including the two basic and most popular ones: the classic hamburger and cheeseburger, also including vegetarian versions.

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The Cooking with Kids Cookbook

One of the best ways to get kids more interested in healthy eating is to get them into the kitchen, but many parents simply don’t know how to get started. Fortunately, there are plenty of good children’s cookbooks out there; The Cooking with Kids Cookbook is a fantastic addition here. This cookbook was compiled by the founder and program director of Cooking with Kids, a program in Santa Fe that has helped countless schoolchildren learn about cooking and growing their own food.

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The Classics


Chocolate Cake


Roated Veggies

Orange Juice

Lemon Mousse

Tuna Crostini

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