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Southern Italian Antipasto

Southern Italian Antipasto - - ball burrata cheese, Provolone cheese , cut into bite - sized pieces, hot so pressata, thinly sliced, sweet sopressata, thinly sliced, fresh figs, quartered, fresh ricotta cheese, Easy Homemade Vanilla...

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Sicilian Halibut Fish Stew

Sicilian Halibut Fish Stew - - extra virgin olive oil, red onion, diced, celery stalks, diced, carrots, diced, zucchini, diced, garlic cloves, minced, Sea salt and black pepper, to taste, dry white wine, can chopped tomatoes , with...

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Lemony Prawn and Pea Risotto

Tip 1: Substitute large wild-caught shrimp if prawns are not available.Tip 2: Do not rinse the Arborio rice before cooking. The extra starch is needed to create the signature creamy texture of this dish.Tip 3: To incorporate even more flavor into each...

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Lemon Fig Olive Oil Cakes

Lemon Fig Olive Oil Cakes - - Non - stick cooking spray, eggs, honey , preferably local, extra - virgin olive oil, organic lemon zest, fresh lemon juice, almond flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, chopped figs, For serving ,...

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BAKING SUBSTITUTIONS: The A-Z of Common, Unique, and Hard- to- Find Ingredients

In the entire list of Jean B. Macleod’s How-To publications, BAKING SUBSTITUTIONS: The A-Z of Common, Unique, and Hard-to-Find Ingredients is perhaps the most interesting. In creating a catalog that provides suggestions that allow the replacement of less easily sourced ingredients, Macleod has consequently opened our eyes to a wide spectrum of unlikely ingredients. For obvious reasons, the ingredients used in everyday baking tend to exist within our general shopping spheres and don’t include ingredients such as mosto cotto, guar gum, or caciocavallo, and as a result, most will not have heard of these before. Macleod’s guide is fantastically dynamic in providing ideas of how to replace missing baking items while also helping you to make healthier recipes, save money, imitate branded products, or conform to dietary requirements. But in explaining the nature and use of ingredients like sacha inchi oil, matzo, and ashtar, as well as which ingredients may be used in their place, her book becomes a catalog of the everyday and the more exotic components of baking.

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Cooking with Bear: A Story and Recipes from the Forest

It’s been a long winter, and even though it’s still a bit chilly out, Bear is ready to get up and find some food! He starts off with a big pot of soup, but then his friend Fox comes to visit. When Bear discovers that Fox wants to learn some new recipes, the two venture out into the springtime to gather ingredients and inspiration. From the forest and their other friends, Bear and Fox find nuts, berries, greens, and more. Each ingredient finds its way into one of Bear’s fun recipes, and Fox is hungry for more!

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Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook by Dorie Greenspan

Here is a beautifully produced, promising cookbook with a huge selection of recipes. Author Dorie Greenspan promises in her introduction simple dishes that are “comforting, satisfying and inviting.” Everyday Dorie only partially fulfills this promise. The recipes are anything but simple; many call for a long list of ingredients. To prepare the dishes, the cook needs to be skillful and experienced. The recipes and instructions are extremely detailed, and the head-notes are worth reading. Many recipes are based on the French cooking style–they are more sophisticated than simple.

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The Everything Keto Diet Meal Prep Cookbook

Full revelation: I cook and eat primarily at home and have dropped thirty pounds on a rather casual Keto regimen. On a Keto diet, boredom can become an inhibiting factor. This book offers a most promising counter to that boredom. In standard “keto” practice, there are widely available lists of permitted and non-permitted foods. All too often introducing variety can mean recipes so elaborate or time-consuming that the practitioner is thrown back on boring and quick. The core of this book’s value is meal prep. Recipes that can be prepared in advance, in quantities that lend themselves to being saved and served over days, rather than for just single meals, make for real-world time-saving.

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Tex-Mex Cookbook: Traditions, Innovations, and Comfort Foods from Both Sides of the Border

Mexican food is extremely popular in this country, but as one travels around, it becomes apparent that different areas have appropriated these tasty recipes and changed them to suit the area. Texas has its own brand of Mexican food referred to as TexMex, and it is good, good, good, incorporating spices, chili peppers, lots of cheese, and a great deal of frying. The introductory pages cover the writers and their backgrounds, what is meant by TexMex, and what you need to have in your chochina.

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